We have a range of activities for you


We organize activities on request for you from sports to sight seeing. Some of these activities are biking, mini golf, tennis and swimming.

These activities are organised with the support from the Hotel Management

They are;

  • Mini Golf at the hotel
  • Biking at the best sites on the slopes of Mt Elgon
  • Swimming at the hotel's swimming pool
  • Tennis arranged at the Mbale Sport's Club Court
  • Golf course with 14 holes adjascent to the hotel
  • Tours and travels arranged for the clients on call


Simu and Sisiyi falls are both found in Elgon County, in Bulambuli District. The falls run from the top of Mount Elgon down to the low lands. In particular, Simu falls are bigger and are 50 meters in height and 6 meters in width.

The falls are yet to be developed for tourism. Access to the sites is by walking through small trails to the sites. Sisiyi falls site lies in an area surrounded by cultivated lands.


Bufumbo and Wanale Forest Reserves are found at the ridges, located about 5 kilometres East of Mbale town. The key attractions at the reserves include the forest walks, primate viewing, bird watching, Khaukha cave exploration, cliff viewing and mountain climbing. There is also a campsite at the Wanale ridge.

The primates found include blue tailed and black and white monkeys. The shy African civet, mammals are also a common feature. Viewing of birds such as the turakos is a common experience.


Sipi falls are found in Tigei county, in Kapchorwa District. It is about 45 minutes drive to Sipi from Mbale. The falls run from the top of Mount Elgon down to the low lands of Kween and Bulambuli districts. In particular, Sipi falls are bigger and are 100 metres in height and 10 metres in width.

The falls are well developed for tourism. Access to the sites is by walking through wider trails. While in Sipi, you can also treat yourself to nature walks and birding in the Kapwai forest reserve


Mount Elgon National Park is found in both Uganda and Kenya. In Uganda, it is found in the districts of Kapchorwa and Mbale. The National Park is a gazetted international ecological conservation area, as a habitat to unique vegetation species. The Park is also home to a number of endangered animal species, including buffalos and cheetahs which traverse the Mount Elgon ranges on both Uganda and Kenya sides. In addition, the Park is also habitat to bird species not found in other parts of Uganda.

Besides the wildlife, the caldera found at the most top of the Elgon ranges is a key attraction of the Park. The caldera remained as a depression on top of Mount Elgon after the volcanic activity. The depression is 8 kilometres in diameter and has a circumference of 40 kilometres. Other attractions within the caldera include hot springs, crater lakes, the swam gorge with heavy population of wild game and scenic peaks rising up to 4321 meters above sea level.

  • Location : Eastern Uganda
  • Surface Area : 40 Km
  • Year Established : 1993
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